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Candice unleashes yet another What I Eat in a Day video on this episode of The Edgy Veg, again by popular demand. She shows you how to create a delicious breakfast sandwich, a vegan Cobb salad, and then wraps things up with a barbecued veggie burger at James’s parents house.

For the Vegan Cheesy Caesar dressing: Use the recipe linked below and add 1 tbsp of nutritional yeast!

After having her morning ginger shot Candice moves right on to make her vegan breakfast sandwich. On her trip to America she found some vegan eggs by a company called “Follow your Heart” and thought she might try them as part of her breakfast sandwich along with some vegan bacon she got there as well. The bacon is a hickory and sage flavored product made called benevolent bacon fro the brand “Sweet Earth Natural Foods”. She is also adding vegan provolone slices, hot sauce, spinach, and even some raspberries.

She adds her vegan eggs to her food processor along with brewers yeast and blends it well noting that it really does smell like eggs. She scrambles her vegan eggs on medium while frying her vegan bacon in a separate pan. Much to her delight after tasting a bit of the scrambled vegan eggs she find them to be a near perfect replica in regards to flavor and texture. She melts her provolone on what looks like a bagel, but you could use an English Muffin or really any type of bread. She tops that off with some spinach, some of her vegan bacon, a fair amount of vegan scrambled eggs and finally some hot sauce. She places her raspberries to the side of the sandwich on the plate. Berries are an excellent way to start the day as they are packed with antioxidants and often times a good amount of natural sugar. They are also a great compliment to the flavor of the breakfast sandwich.

Candice will be barbecuing for dinner so she thought a nice lunch salad would be a perfect fit for the day. After rummaging around in her fridge she found all the ingredients to create a vegan Cobb salad. She uses some left over bacon from her breakfast sandwich, some hearts of palm, some tomatoes, and of course lettuce. She starts by finely chopping her hearts of palm and mixes them with turmeric to turn them yellow.

She combines oil, apple cider vinegar, as well as some nutritional yeast and whisks it all together in a bowl. After whisking she pours her newly created marinade onto her chopped hearts of palm. She seals this all in a plastic container and vigorously shakes it putting it into the fridge while she preps the rest of her salad. She puts her lettuce in the bowl and tops it with her marinated palm hearts, some avocado, some halved cherry tomatoes, and a bit of the leftover vegan bacon. She tops all this off with a Caesar style dressing she made that looks amazing. The last step she takes is to gently toss her salad with 2 forks.

Candice ends her day James’s mom house with a tasty barbecue. She brought her Beyond Meat beast burgers with her and after opening them with a set of garden shears wastes no time putting them on the grill along with a selection of various other vegetables that grill well. Most of what she adds to grill along with the burgers is interestingly enough, eggplant. She also sautées some mushrooms and peppers. After briefly grilling her buns Candice dresses her burgers and chows down.

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