VLOG ♡ Best Vegan Restaurants Sydney ♡ Vegan Recipes

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Hey guys! We went to Sydney over the weekend so I thought I’d share some of my favourite vegan restaurants that we went to in Sydney. These were recommended to me by my followers, so thank you! My favourite was Golden Lotus, the vegan Vietnamese restaurant where I had the vegan pho. Bodhi yum cha was also an amazing experience with all sorts of intricate vegan yum cha dishes to choose from and I love the concept of Lentil As Anything, not to mention they made one of the best vegan pancakes I’ve had!

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9 thoughts on “VLOG ♡ Best Vegan Restaurants Sydney ♡ Vegan Recipes

  1. I live in sydney and I reallyyyy need to check out some of these places!
    next time youre here check out gelato blue in newtown. they make all kinds
    of amazing vegan ice cream, sundaes, cakes, desserts and drinks. its vegan
    H E A V E N!

    1. +Sonia Iyer yes there are so many vegan restaurants in sydney !! however,
      we dont have a whole lot of vegan options in suprmarkets ://

    2. +sinead I hear so many people raving about Australia and its vegan options!
      can’t say I’m not jealous hahah seems so nice 🙂

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