Vegetarian Pizza With Cauliflower Crust & Almond Cheese!

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Huy Guy’s,
Welcome to my place. Today we are making pizza! I love pizza , who doesn’t? but we all know that it’s not the healthiest thing for you…. but today we are gonna make it as close to healthy as we can get. All of the ingredients listed below are for both the Tomato & Pesto Sauce if you aren’t going to make both you don’t need all of the ingredients listed. As always if you like this video please like & subscribe for more content.


1.) Tomato Purèe
2.) Onion & Garlic Powder
3.) Italian Seasoning
4.) Black Pepper
5.) Salt
6.) Red Pepper
7.) Basil
8.) Cilantro
9.) Garlic
10.) Season Salt
11.) Veggie Oil
12.) Spinach
13.) Mixed Peppers
14.) Onions
15.) Tomato
16.) Mushrooms
17.) Olives

18.) Outer Aisle Cauliflower Pizza Crust
19.) Nutritional Yeast
20.) Go Veggie (Vegan Parm)
21.) Almond Cheese

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