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Hi and welcome to 2017! Yeah I know 2 weeks later, time zones. Remember when last year (I know, I know a jokemaster, am I not?) I said I woke up at 10 a.m. naturally? Well it never happened since. I’ts 2 p.m. and I’m having my morning coffee, I’m still a wreck of a human being. Am I even a human being?

The moral of the story is: nobody ever really changes but everybody tries when every new year begins.
But I’m here to help! I made a VEGAN cake and I hope many of you will enjoy it because I know some vegans and life ain’t that easy, especially if you like cakes!
And not only that, tastewise is even better than I expected while writing down my ideas, numbers and recipies. I tricked people into thinking it was a regular cake- OH NO I SHOULD HAVE CALLED THAT THE VIDEO!


I picked the VICTORIA SPONGE CAKE or VICTORIA SANDWICH however you wanna call it, because it tastes super light and after all we’ve eaten during the holidays it seemed a good idea. It was.
I also think my mother is getting me ill coffing near me so I’d better be quick.

For the cake you’ll need:
– 100g (1/2 cup – 3.5 ounces) margarine
– 200g (1 cup – 7 ounces) sugar
– 200ml (4/5 cup – 7 ounces) almond milk
– 300g (2&1/4 cups – 10.5 ounces) flour
– 1TBSP baking powder
– 2TBSP cornstarch
– salt
– vanilla extract
– 1tsp baking soda
– 2TBSP white vinegar
– 1tsp white vinegar

For the filling you’ll need:
– about 250g (1 cup – 9 ounces) soy whipped cream
– about 320g (1 cup – 11 ounces) strawberry jam or real strawberries if you’re one of those people who like fruit pieces in a cake
(of course the amount I wrote here is what I used but it depends on how many layers you cut)

Please please please keep the suggestions coming:




Thanks for watching, hope I could help, see you soon byeeee

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