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Today’s Edgy Veg episode is another Vegan Taste Test. Candice and James bravely sample Almond Milk Yogurt, Jackfruit BBQ Pulled Pork, Vegan Cream Cheese, Brewdog IPA, Almond Cream Cheese, Chickpeatos, Cold Brew Coffee and more.



They start with Hippie Garden Chips, the crunchy cole slaw flavor. Their initial commments were that it looked like something you would eat on a commune and that it also smelled like mold. After taking a bite James immediately said “No”, which was followed up by Candice saying that it tasted like she was eating the debris of fall. In other words avoid this product because it’s absolutely terrible. They move on to cashew cheese mentioning that it smells great and is fermented with beer. They dip a few crackers in it and find themselves elated with the flavor. Candice even demanded to know where James got it so she could be sure to get more.

Their next taste test was the Kite Hill Artisan Almond Milk Yogurt. Candice found it to be delicious whereas James was not impressed stating that it was simply too sweet. After the yogurt they decide to give the Jackfruit BBQ Pulled Pork a try. James notes that it really does look just like a pulled pork sandwich. You may be aware that Candice has her own recipe for BBQ Jackfruit.


After trying it she says her recipe is definitely better but this one isn’t bad. James agrees also mentioning that the consistency leaves something to be desired. Candice also feels that the BBQ sauce they chose is too sweet and not really a good match for the Jackfruit.

Next on the list was Califia Farms Caffe Latte Cold Brew Coffee with Almond Milk. After one sip James was sold on it 100% and Candice makes it clear that this product is going to be a regular staple in the household. She does mention that one cup has 12 grams of sugar in it, which is definitely worth taking note of. After the Almond Milk they choose Chickpeatos as their next food to sample. They sample the Spicy Cayenne as well as the Cinnamon Toast flavors. These tasted so bad that within seconds of having them in their mouths they actually had to spit them out. In addition to being extraodinarily dry they are overloaded with Stevia. James compares the contents of the chickpeas to sand. They go on about the many downsides to eating Chickpeatos for some time in fact. Avoid these at all costs. The only value these may possibly have is as a prank you want to play on your friends.

Needing to rinse the flavor of the Chickpeatos out of their mouths Candice and James turn to Brewdog IPA. Brewdog IPA actually sent their beer to Candice and James in the mail to try. Unanimously Candice and James agree that the Brewdog IPA definitely makes the grade, which is good since they still had 5 more to drink. They keep moving on with the taste test choosing the Brownie Bliss from Lorelyn’s Gourmet Desserts as their next product. If the look on their faces when they eat these brownies is any indication at all they must be delicious. Candice states that it not only looks like a brownie, it’s loaded with chocolate, sugary, moist, and extremely tasty. The next food sampled was Chorizo from Upton’s Naturals. James and Candice were definitely disappointed with this product stating that it really tastes nothing like Chorizo at all.

That concludes this Vegan Taste Test. If you have a Vegan food you want to see James and Candice taste test leave a comment below and let them know. They are always on the hunt for new, delicious Vegan food.

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Califia Cold Brew Coffee:
Organic Chickpeatos:
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Lorelyns Gourmet Desserts:
Uptons Naturals:

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  1. I just bought the trader Joe’s vegan cream cheese and Omg I’m in love! It’s
    definitely worth trying on your next American grocery haul if you haven’t
    tried it yet! It tastes so much like cream cheese. ❤ ?

  2. Can you do a quinoa burger? I just made up a recipe and I am curious how
    someone else would go about it. I love your channel. It is so much fun!!

  3. so jealous of all the stuff you can buy in the states. The veggie/vegan
    foods in London are so scarce in variety :(

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