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Bacon is one of the most sought after foods in the entire world. Although not the healthiest food you could be eating it certainly is one of the most delicious. Unfortunately it’s off the menu for Vegans and the limited bacon alternatives they have at most health food stores fail to live up to the standards bacon lovers have come to expect.


As a bacon fan herself Candice set out to solve this problem and create a proper bacon alternative using rice paper and a bacon marinade. You start by getting out a bowl and whisk. In your bowl add Tamari, olive oil, nutritional yeast, garlic powder, a small amount of liquid smoke, some maple syrup, a bit of paprika and finally some pepper. You will then whisk this all together until you reach a smooth consistency.

Next you will take two sheets of rice paper and lay them on top of each other. Then get your sharpest knife and cut them into strips, much like an actual strip of bacon. Now take a basting brush and dip it into water then brush the strips with a generous amount of water. Be sure not to over water the strips, just get them good and moist. Once you have them moistened put them together. The water is key to this process as it helps bond the two strips of rice paper together giving you a more authentic bacon experience when cooked. Repeat this process with a few strips. Once those are laid out grab your brush again and paint the strips with your marinade. After that’s complete and you feel you’ve got a fair amount of marinade on your rice paper lay your strips out flat on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. This keeps your vegan bacon from sticking your baking pan and also makes clean up a snap.

At this point you are going to see your rice paper strips beginning to look like bacon. Preheat your oven to 400′ and bake your strips for seven to nine minutes. If you leave your vegan bacon strips in for too long they will definitely burn and you will want to avoid that. After all who really wants to eat any kind of burned bacon? Keep a close eye on them as cooking times will vary from oven to oven.

After they are looking nice and crispy pull them out and prepare to be amazed by how much they look like real slices of actual cooked bacon. You can, if you so choose, devour this bacon immediately. If you make a bigger batch and put it in the fridge it will get soft again giving you some interesting options. Candice likes to wrap the softer vegan bacon around King Oyster Mushrooms but the bottom line is that the sky is the limit. Anything you could wrap bacon around you can definitely wrap this vegan bacon around, you could even have bacon on your veggie burgers. Don’t be afraid to get creative. While it is impossible to truly duplicate the flavor of actual bacon Candice claims this recipe is the closest your going to get as a vegan.

What are you waiting for? Get out that bowl, whisk, and rice paper and get cooking!

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8 thoughts on “Vegan Recipe: Make Vegan Bacon Using Rice Paper | The Edgy veg

  1. These taste DELICIOUS!!! Anyone figure out a way to store these that they
    do stay crispy? I am going to double the liquid smoke on the next batch and
    see how it tastes. Perfect crunch/flavor for BLTs 🙂
    FYI I cut my rice paper with kitchen scissors. I had no problems except for
    one piece that broke, but when wet I stuck them back together. Way easier
    than a knife :)

  2. Vegetarian a month, I loved eating steak and chicken, but I don’t miss it.
    Bacon is the hardest! Im going to try this soon!

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