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In this episode of The Edgy Veg Candice and her friends taste test Panago Pizza. Panago is one of the only Pizza makers in Canada that have an entire line of Vegan pizzas they will actually deliver right to your front door.

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Candice loves pizza so much that she believes it should be it’s own food group, right at the bottom of the food pyramid taking up the biggest section. One of the most frustrating things about being a Vegan for her was that she no longer had the option of having a pizza delivered to her as few pizza delivery places actually offer any vegan options at all. When she discovered Panagao Pizza she was elated to say the least, and of course she had to invite her friends over for a taste test.

They started things off by taste testing the Vegan Deluxe Pepperoni. First impressions of the look of the pizza itself were positive. Everyone was in agreement that it looked almost exactly like any other delivery pizza would look. When Candice and her friends actually tasted the vegan pizza they were surprised by the flavor. It was virtually indistinguishable from a regular pepperoni pizza. Candice even went so far as to taste one of the pepperonis by itself and found that it tasted just like any ordinary pepperoni would. The ratings varied from 4 to 5, 5 being the best rating and 1 being the worst.

The next pizza taste tested was the Veggie Mediterranean with Gluten Free Crust. The first observation made by the testers was that the pizza was not only square but had a darker crust than what would typically be seen on a pizza. They also noted that it was a heavier pizza, a bit dense, and that it had a rather Mediterranean look to it. The testers found the chunkiness of the pizza to be quite good, noting that it had a good mix of flavors and was well balanced. The rating for this one ranged from 3.75 to 3.8. Candice said it would not be her first choice but that she would definitely eat it again.

The pizza tested after the Veggie Mediterranean with Gluten Free Crust was the Meat Free Pepperoni with Banana Peppers and Pineapple. One of the testers was exceedingly excited to try this one as she is a a big fan on Pineapples and peppers and thought that the combination would be delicious. James is not a huge fan of Pineapple, but does enjoy a good hot pepper so he had mixed feelings going into the taste test. Both James and Candice agreed that the pizza was in fact quite good. They also came to the consensus that the crust was whole wheat. The other testers felt that there was a bit too much cheese on the pizza and that it was overall just a bit heavy in regards to flavor, somewhat unbalanced. The testers rated it between a 3.5 and a 4.5 with James admitting that he would be glad to eat the pizza again. The overall consensus on this one was that it was good, but perhaps could use a bit less cheese and a few less peppers.

After thoroughly taste testing these pizza Candice has found the Panago Delivery Pizza to be a worthy contender for anyone seeking a vegan alternative to the standard meat heavy pizzas typically delivered.

Panago likes to surprise people with free vegan pizza every now and then with
their #RandomActsOfPizza campaign. So make sure to follow them on Facebook,
Instagram and Twitter because you never know when a #RandomActsOfPizza may
find you!

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