VEGAN MOZZARELLA // Sliceable + Grateable Aquafaba Cheese | Mary’s Test Kitchen

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Thanks to Lacey from for letting me demonstrate her fantastic sliceable, grateable vegan mozzarella cheese! It’s super easy to make: blend, heat and chill. Perfect on crackers, in sandwiches, or melted on pizza and in grilled cheese toasties!

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This recipe uses aquafaba. That’s just a culinary term for the cooking water of chickpeas and other legumes. Just save the water from your next can of chickpeas or white beans and that’s aquafaba! Learn more about aquafaba here:


Kappa Carageenan:

Lactic Acid Powder:

Tapioca Starch:


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7 thoughts on “VEGAN MOZZARELLA // Sliceable + Grateable Aquafaba Cheese | Mary’s Test Kitchen

  1. Eep! I just made this, I’m amazed! I NEVER thought I’d be able to get that
    squidgy texture or light acidity of real cheese, but this is amazing! It’s
    like the first time I tried seitan (I’m very particular about textures).
    Carageenen ftw, I’m not a fan of agar agar – it tastes weird and the
    texture is odd. One issue though – the oil started to separate after the
    lumps had gone. I didn’t really measure the aquafaba out, I just used a
    can. Do you think there wasn’t enough to emulsify fully? The end result was
    still amazing though, the lactic acid really did the trick flavour-wise!
    Refined coconut oil seems surprisingly hard to come by where I live, so I
    used unrefined – the flavour works surprisingly well!

  2. Is there anything else besides carrageenan or agar agar that would provide
    hardness to the cheese? I have acid reflux, and after reading this article,
    I was a little worried:


  3. This tastes amazing!!!!!
    When I heat it up in the pan the coconut oil separated from the mix though
    and in the end it looked nothing like yours 🙁
    Was it because I used agar agar? If not, what went wrong?

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