Vegan Ice cream taste test with Rachel David

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Rachel David joins Candice on this special episode of The Edgy Veg for a taste test of many of the well known Vegan Ice Cream brands available.



The first brand Rachel and Candice try is the cashew milk frozen dessert, which is just a fancy way of saying vegan ice cream, from a company called So Delicious. Rachel says it tastes like cashew ice cream with a hint of vanilla and if her face is any indication that is not a bad thing. Candice’s reaction was also quite favorable ending in 2 big thumbs up from both ladies. Candice also mentions that the consistency is nice and creamy, stating that she has had other vegan ice cream in the past that was especially watery. They wrap up tier discussion on this vegan ice cream by stating that it isn’t trying to anything it’s not.

The next product up for the Rachel and Candice taste test are the So Delicious minis. These look exactly like your typical ice cream sandwich, only much smaller and in a bit more of a square shape. The minis they have chosen are coconut milk based. After simultaneously sampling the product Rachel comments that the cookie part is done perfectly. She goes on to say that it just tastes like a coconut flavored ice cream sandwich, also stating that it doesn’t even taste vegan at all. Candice confirms the Non-GMO verification and that it’s also a Kosher food. At the end of this taste test both women can be seen to continue snacking on these ice cream sandwiches so it’s safe to say they were definitely a hit.

Moving away from the So Delicious brand with their next vegan ice cream taste test they have selected Natural Choice Organic Mango Fruit Bars. These are not only 100% Vegan approved but also Gluten Free. Rachel’s reaction to the Mango Fruit Bar is favorable no question. She says is tastes exactly like Mango puree that has been put into a mold and frozen. Candice’s take on the bars is also favorable comparing their flavor the same flavor she gets when she eats Mango ice cream at an Indian restaurant. She states emphatically that it’s like a Popsicle version of mango ice cream. As indicated in the video though the jury is still out on this one. You may need to take a taste for yourself.

The next Vegan Ice Cream taste tested is the Coconut Bliss Luna and Larry’s Organic Chocolate Peanut Butter. Both ladies agree that it tastes like Coconut, Chocolate, and Peanut Butter as they ravenously spoon it out of the container. It almost seemed for a moment that they might end up fighting over who actually gets to hold the container. Once they regain control of themselves they both concur that the product does not contain fat free peanut butter. Other than that observation it seems that this Vegan Ice Cream made the cut with flying colors.

Moving on the next product in line for the taste test Candice opens up yet another So Delicious product, Coconut Milk Almond Popsicles. After her first bite Rachel says that it does not taste like a Magnum Bar. For those of you not familiar with Magnum they are a top tier producer of chocolate based products that few other companies can even begin to compare with. She specifically states that it is a lot lighter, with a full agreement from Candice. Candice does however seem to be quite taken by the outer coating. The final verdict on these bars is that they are a different texture than the Magnum bar but still have an outstanding flavor.

The final take-a-way from this taste test, as agreed upon by both Candice and Rachel, is that they are more than just viable alternatives to traditional ice cream, ice cream bars, and even ice cream sandwiches. They are extremely tasty and should not be overlooked by any of you die hard ice cream fans out there. I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!

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7 thoughts on “Vegan Ice cream taste test with Rachel David

  1. Coconut bliss has the best vegan ice cream. Its so much creamier than the
    other brands in stores. I found the best Vegan Ice cream of all time in New
    york and since then nothing else compares.

  2. If you’re ever in NYC, Van Leeuwen’s vegan pistachio ice cream. Oh my
    goodness. Could drool at the thought of it.

  3. Coconut Bliss is so friggin good! Chocolate peanut butter is my favorite
    from them. Also, So Delicious has a snickerdoodle cashew ice cream that is
    to die for!!

  4. I’ve always avoided vegan ice cream because I have only seen soy ice creams
    and I’m severely allergic to soy…. I have to try that coconut one!! ( as
    long as it has no soy…)

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