VEGAN Girl Scout Cookies & How to Get Them!

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Here are the vegan Girl Scout Cookies.
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9 thoughts on “VEGAN Girl Scout Cookies & How to Get Them!

  1. Another way you can tell is that the 2 baking companies have different names for all of the cookies except for thin mints. So example, peanut butter patties are from ABC baking co and therefore vegan but the same cookie from little brownie bakers is called tagalongs and not vegan. The forms do all say what are the vegan and gluten free options for both companies so you can always check there too if you’re not sure!

  2. Veganism destroys human health. Spiritually, physically, and mentally… this is coming from a former vegan of many years. I’m one of the people who “did it right” and had a well thought out nutritional plan that i rarely deviated from. 5 years I put my body through torture. im so grateful to have made i to the other side. i do not support factory farming, but eating nutritionally dense meat/ organ meat/ raw dairy etc has restored my health and gratitude for life.

  3. Hi Chris, I am a former Girl Scout!Thanks, for letting us know “which Bakeries or Suppliers” to support! Lots of Love, to current or former “Girl Scout’s!” ❤️Kisses & Hugs to Indy😘 Blessings,
    Piper & Singer

  4. Wait! Did anyone else see the box shaking by itself close after the beginning of the video?!! IT’S A ZOMBIE THAT FOLLOWED CHRIS BACK FROM CALIFORNIA!! 😱😰😵😨😬🙈🙉🙊

  5. I highly disagree with your saying because they are good carbs because they taste good they’re for they’re good for you because they’re yummy. There are good source of Nom Nom Ness. Also a good source of dank memes and dabbing on your haters. Unfortunately the Girl Scout in my area she quit being a Girl Scout a couple years ago. So I don’t have access to these good carbs/superfoods.

    1. +The Vegan Zombie yes thank you for the video and the reply I’m going to become obese again LOL. I’m going to get a bunch of those good carbs. To make those gains weight gains cuz it’s bulking season.

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