Vegan Eclair Cake | Vegan Eclairs | Vegan Eclairs Recipe

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Come join me in my kitchen while I show you how to make a super easy #vegan #eclair cake! Super delicious #recipe for the holidays or any potluck gathering!

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Closing Song: Moonlight Baby’ By Brian Massa featuring Meryl Yecies:

You can also find his album, Dip It In The Sauce, featuring this song on iTunes

Big Rainbow Crystal Ring and necklace from Meryl Eve Yecies (Raise Ur Vibration):

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13 thoughts on “Vegan Eclair Cake | Vegan Eclairs | Vegan Eclairs Recipe

  1. You’ve done it again!!! Thank you and I’m going to make this immediately!! My husband is going to flip OUT!! Also love your necklace it definitely is a super high vibe piece of beauty!

    1. Katie Dunk thank you so much!!! The necklace is from my girl Meryl’s Etsy shop! Her link is in the description! 💕✨

  2. Love the video! It actually says that you CAN’T use soy milk for the pudding or else it doesn’t set. I feel bad for correcting you but I think it’s only soy that doesn’t work.

    1. I’m sorry. I just know that it says that soy milk doesn’t settle, but I guess it doesn’t settle if you use it 1:1. I actually only use almond milk for pudding so I have no idea how other milks work.

    2. Life of a Wife you absolutely can use soy milk, you just can’t use as much as regular milk for it to work, like what I did with the almond milk….don’t believe their lies! 😜

    1. Diane Gannon I found it at wegmans and I did not see it at Trader Joe’s but other than that I’m not sure where else has it that may be near you

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