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In this episode of the Edgy Veg Candice once again partners up with some friends for another Vegan Cheese Taste Test. This time they taste test vegan cheeses from several more well known brands and give you their opinion on each one, also rating them on a scale of 1 to 5 just like last time, based on multiple cheese factors.

Candice and her friends taste tested vegan cheeses from Earth Chao, Daiya, Go Veggie, and Tree Nut Cheeze. The first vegan cheese taste tested was the Chao Vegan Italian. Each cheese was tested raw first and then melted to really get an accurate sense of what could be accomplished with each vegan cheese, with the exception of the Parmesan substitute.

The Chao raw cheese was noted to have a coconut smell to it, a strong wiggle factor, and to look more like the classic dairy based cheese we are all familiar with. The overall group consensus regarding the raw Chao Vegan Cheese was favorable. Once melted each group had mixed feelings about it’s consistency and it failed completely to impress them with tflavor. There were multiple comments that it simply did not taste like anything at all. James seemed to feel it would be a perfect fit with a nice tomato bisque. The ratings ranged all the way from 2 to 5.

The second vegan cheese taste tested was from the Diaya brand and was marked “Now, even cheezier and stretchier” and was in the style of shredded cheddar. Again the first taste test here was for the raw version of the vegan cheese in question. The results from the raw taste were interesting to say the least. Comments stating that it looked like plastic, it was Play-Doh, and that it was like something that went bad on a piece of cardboard. One tester did seem to take quite a shine to it, but she was the only one. Moving on to the melted vegan cheese taste test part of the experiment tasters found the cheese to in fact be stretchy, but stretchy in the way the nacho cheese is stretchy. The general consensus was that it was acceptable averaging a 2 across the board.

The third vegan cheese taste tested by the group was from the brand Go Veggie and was supposed to be a Parmesan substitute. It was noted specifically that it smelled very much like real Parmesan cheese. It was also noted by Candice that once in bowl it resembled sawdust quite a bit. Everyone generally agreed that over pasta this would be a convincing substitute for real Parmesan. Ranging from a 4 to a 5 on the vegan cheese taste test scale this cheese substitute scored quite high with the test group.

The last vegan cheese taste tested by Candice and friends was the Tree Nut Cheeze marked Herb and Garlic. This particular vegan cheese relies heavily on macadamia nuts to achieve it’s flavor so all those allergic to nuts beware. Visually the cheese was noted to be rather brown and not in a particularly good way. It was also referred to as ugly specifically. The texture was referred to as soapy, like stucko, and even similar to wet sand. Interestingly enough, despite the comments made regarding texture all testers rated it between a 3.5 and a 5 and ate a fair amount of it.

That concludes the results recap from Round 2 of the Vegan Cheese Taste Test. Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the Edgy Veg. We hope that the sacrifices made in testing this cheese will steer you clear of poorly made vegan cheeses that should be avoided and towards delicious tasting vegan cheeses that should be applauded.

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7 thoughts on “Vegan Cheese Taste Test – Round 2 | The Edgy Veg

  1. Check the ingredients on the go veggie products. I almost picked up some
    cheese slices and I saw they had casein in them:(

  2. daiya cheddar shreds have been the most convincing/passable vegan cheese
    I’ve found so far. I would mix it with like a 1/2 slice of the ‘go veggie!’
    cheddar cheese and it actually tasted pretty real that way. Honestly my
    favorite combo.

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