Vegan Cake In a Mug Recipe – Oatmeal Banana!

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This 1 Minute vegan cake in a mug (or cup ) is an easy stir, microwave and eat recipe! Just a few simple ingredients and you can indulge your sweet tooth with a single serve banana cake and oatmeal in one.

This is a great idea for breakfast or any time you want a quick vegan cake.

Egg free, dairy free – 100% plant based vegan recipe!

A simple vegan mug cake microwave recipe that you will want to make time and time again.

You can bake it in the oven if you prefer. 175C/350F for about 20 to 30 mins 🙂

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Recipe by Cooking With Plants – Anja Cass

Enjoy xx

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  1. Made this lovely cup-o-cake tonight, had it with a cup of tea. Worked well and it’s so easy. Time to revisit your pizza-in-a-cup :D)

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