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5 thoughts on “Vegan Cake Four Ways – Vegan Egg vs Flax Egg vs Applesauce vs Ener-G

    1. @Regular-Ass Vegan LOL! OHHHH NO, what a tragedy. More cake! How will you survive? 😂

      I’d love to see a follow up with the aquafaba & Just Egg (I avoid soy) with the exact same cake so you can say which is your favourite out of them all. I haven’t been baking much since going vegan 2 years ago and there’s much that I miss. I have used aquafaba a couple of times but I’m curious how it holds up against the EnerG.

      I also appreciate that you liked the EnerG most .. I’ve had it in my pantry a long time but I’ve been afraid to use it because of that whole 70s thing .. 😂 .. I’ll have to give it an honest try now.

    2. Not yet, but I’m interested! I might have to do a followup to this where I try aquafaba, Just Egg, silken tofu and soda.

      oh no now i have to eat more cake

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