Vegan 101 Ep 2 Vegan Pizza (Vertical 9:16)

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Here we go Episode 2 of “Vegan 101”
I am having a blast making this series 🙂
Hope you are enjoying them too and realizing that even if you are lazy… it is very easy to eat vegan 😛

There are fully vegan places in Toronto but you can veganize it at most pizza places by skipping the cheese and making sure their sauce is vegan friendly. Look at the nutrition info on their site. If a pizza place you like don’t have a dairy free option, simply ask about it, send an email and request for them to carry it. You never know 😉

I used Pizza Pizza as they have a Vegan (dairy free) cheeze option 🙂

Filmed and edited by Jairo Lopez @jairolop3z
Music by Tomii Sonic @tomiitronic

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