Tigernut milk (Horchata de chufa) Raw | The Vegan Corner

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Here you have our recipe for tigernut milk, also known as horchata de chufa. In this episode we’ll show you how to prepare this healthy raw milk easily at home. Make sure to stay tuned for more upcoming recipes.

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14 thoughts on “Tigernut milk (Horchata de chufa) Raw | The Vegan Corner

  1. Here in Valencia, Spain it is mandatory to have “horchata” every summer! We
    have it with “fartons” (not vegan) but also with “rosquilletas” wich is a
    stick of bread sweetened with fennel and is amazing, all vegan and even
    more traditional! 😀 Its a pleasure to dunk them in the horchata… :P

  2. Hi- what brand of tiger nuts do you getand where do you buy them? I am in
    US. Thank you for your post. I fell in love with Horchata whle in Spain
    ages ago and have not had it since, but never forgot it.

    1. Thanks – when I had it there it was served in ice cream shops and was
      almost like a milk shake- as though icecubes were put with it in the
      blender to make an icecream milkshake drink-

    2. +Truth Seeker You can use any tigernut you can find as they should all work
      really well. I’m sure you’ll find this horchata to be just as good as the
      one you had in Spain.

  3. I’ve never heard of Tiger Nuts for Horchata. I’ve only ever had it made
    from rice or almonds. I’m going to look around my city, because it looks
    much creamier. Many thanks. c:

    1. +Tisha Herrera It is veeery creamy, but this milk is to be used strictly as
      a drink. However, trust me when I tell you that it is one special drink 😉
      Thanks for your comments

  4. We’ve been in Valencia ♡España♡ this weekend and had a nice and cold tiger
    nut drink.
    It was delicious but maybe too sweet.
    I’ll try to make it with less sugar.
    Thank you guys.

    1. +Paola del Rocio Ardila Alvarado They do tend to make it a bit too sweet, I
      agree! what I would suggest you to do, is to try it with no sugar first, as
      it is already unbelievable sweet and delicious 🙂 Thanks for your comments
      and support!

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