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7 thoughts on “The Best Electric ALKALINE Vegan Healthy Homemade PIZZA YOU WILL EVER EAT!! (Super Easy Recipe) 2019

  1. i suffered from cancer.i tried your pizza and immediately got cured from cancer. thank you I’m extremely grateful!

  2. Nice vedio..I have subscribed your channel for first time.
    Please watch below link and subscribe me as well to support us

  3. I have always suffered from constipation, iv tried this magical pizza and 1 hour after eating it I straight went to the bathroom and becer ever felt and better thank you please post more

  4. i used to be very sick. I suffered from a rare disease in which I could not live like everyone else. I tried this recipe and ate it at home. I feel so much better. I can even walk now. Thanks to these guys!

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