A classic Russian dish made VEGAN :) Tasty layered potato salad with artichokes and cauliflower rice. Check out the whole recipe on our blog:

BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi everyone!! I have tried to perfect vegan chocolate chip cookies for sometime now and i must say I think I have finally perfected the recipe. i have had MANY people try these cookies (vegan and nonvegan) and every person loves them! I really hope you guys enjoy this recipe

Vegan Pizza Dough Samosa Bombs – Angry Broccoli Recipes

Follow us on Like us on Support our channel with Coffee? As we all know, science has proven that adding pizza dough to any dish will automatically make it better, even when it doesn't make any sense, you should still do it if you want to be impressive and be

pizza-dilla Something Vegan quesadilla week

RECIPE 1 10-inch tortilla 1 Tbsp. vegan pizza sauce A sprinkling of vegan shredded mozzarella (as much as you like) 5 vegan pepperoni A few pinches of dried Italian seasoning A pinch of garlic salt On half of the tortilla, spread pizza sauce. Sprinkle with vegan mozzarella. Add vegan pepperoni. Sprinkle with Italian seasoning, and garlic salt.


Ask me questions like your smart home device: "hey Lauren, what's a new vegan potato recipe I should try?" *Lauren's computer generated voice* "try these vegan kimchi mushroom stuffed potato cakes with gochujang aioli!" OH we're hittin' the sauce HARD this week cause ya can't have crispy stuffed potatoes without a

Vegetarian Pizza With Cauliflower Crust & Almond Cheese!

Huy Guy's, Welcome to my place. Today we are making pizza! I love pizza , who doesn't? but we all know that it's not the healthiest thing for you.... but today we are gonna make it as close to healthy as we can get. All of the ingredients listed below