3 EASY VEGAN DINNERS FOR BEGINNERS | Vegan Meals in 15 Minutes

Hey guys, for today's video I thought I would share some of my favourite vegan food swaps to help make your dinners easy, delicious, and vegan all under 15 minutes. From peanut stir fry and mushroom quesadillas, to a mind blowing vegan pasta Bolognese, these recipes will have you

VEGAN CORN COOKIE | RECIPE?! EP #25 (hot for food)

This is the 2nd episode of an entire month of RECIPE?! videos and I'm gettin' a little corny and goin' all out using up every corn ingredient I got in the freezer and pantry. A star RECIPE?! is born 🤩 the vegan corn cookie - featuring an all star cast


All Eco Friendly Products Linked Below. Hey guys! I know I talk A LOT about easy swaps you can make to be more eco-friendly, but I wanted to share my 10 hacks for sustainable grocery shopping at a normal/regular grocery store. These 10 easy eco-friendly lifestyle hacks will help reduce

Vegan Crab Rangoon Pizza

Vegan Crab Rangoon Pizza | Epic Vegan by The Vegan Roadie I’m super excited to share with you this recipe for Vegan Crab Rangoon Pizza from The Vegan Roadie AKA Dustin Harder’s newest cookbook “Epic Vegan: Wild and Over-the-Top Plant-Based Recipes”. This pizza came out so good! And trust me when

How to Replace the Eggs in a Box Cake Mix

No Eggs? No Problem! You can still make a box cake mix and expect it to come out exactly as it was intended with this quick fix! CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPES CLICK HERE FOR THE PLANT BASED EGG CHECK ME OUT ON PATREON SUPPORT ME ON PAYPAL Check out my

Carrot Cake (vegan!)

What's upi EFNation! I hope you are having a fantastic weekend! Do you like carrot cake! Well, if you do, have I got an awesome recipe for you! So recipe, like so many that we do on this channel is quick and very easy to put together! Happy Eating! You Will Need: 1


It’s time to play Pizza of Doom! We go head to head to see who will be eating some disgusting slices of pizza chosen by the spinning wheel! Who will leave smelling of dog food and who will walk off smiling! Let us know if you would play this with your friends and

Making Vegan Cookies With NO RECIPE

In this video I attempt to make mint chocolate chip vegan cookies without following a recipe! Honestly.... they didn't come out that bad! An easy 7.5/10, not too shabby for not using a recipe. If you guys like this kind of content let me know in the comments! I had fun