Why Idiots Go Vegan | MUKBANG Vegan Pizza

SUBSCRIBE: I hope you enjoy this MukBang! Today we talk about Veganism and everything the you probably don't know about! We have plenty of documentaries to watch to inform you about why people go vegan. Here is a list of Vegan documentaries that you should watch! Earthlings (2005) Dominion (2018) Blackfish (2013) Cowspiracy: The Sustainability

Vegan Pizza with Cashew Cheese Recipe

I was kindly gifted this amazing vegan cheese set for xmas and so decided to put it to good use to make some home made pizza. Hopefully these cooking videos may inspire you to try Veganuary if you aren't already vegan Please like, share, comment and subscribe :)

Vegan Fried Ice Cream

Check out the cookbook ebook: Paperback: coconut cake recipe Keep Up With Fly Vegan: Facebook - Instagram - CONTACT US : flyvegan@gmail.com MUSIC BY: Fly Vegan Is An Atlanta Based Channel Focused On Inspiring A Plant Based, Whole Food Diet, Without Compromising Fullness And Flavor.


This is a delicious vegan coffee cake with the magical ingredient of Biscoff biscuits! We love biscoff biscuits and we love the spread even more! That's why we decided to make a delicious coffee cake with this magic ingredient. This cake is so tasty, it will satisfy all your friends

Vegan Holiday Desserts

Check out the cookbook ebook: ingredients for each recipe will be in the description box at the links. Peach Dumplings chocolate peppermint cake banana pudding hummingbird cake peach cobbler Keep Up With Fly Vegan: Facebook - Instagram - CONTACT US : flyvegan@gmail.com MUSIC BY: Fly Vegan Is An Atlanta Based Channel Focused On

Lime cake (vegan)

Welcome to my channel where you can find easy recipes for cooking! Thank you for watching and do not forget to subscribe and share ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: @anettvelsberg -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recipe below and in the video. 🍋 For the crust:100 gr vegan wholegrain graham crackers1/2 cup almond flakes3 tablespoons vegan butter, meltedFor the filling:1


This is our delicious, Christmassy, VEGAN eggnog recipe! This is a perfect festive drink for the holiday season, totally plant-based. Eggnog is typically made with milk, eggs and cream but we've made it totally plant-based and vegan. It tastes just as delicious and you can have it hot or cold. It's

Chocolate Orange Christmas Cake Vegan! || Come Cook WIth Me #2

Hello and Happy Saturday!! Today I thought I’d revisit the ‘series’ Come Cook With Me with some of my Christmas baking :) I was making this Vegan Chocolate Orange cake for a church Christmas party (it was a hit, by the way!) & had a lot of fun making it!!

Новогодние рецепты. Чечевичный тортик (веган)

Ну что, ребята и девчата, мы два года избегали в своих новогодних рецептах майонеза. Старались обходить эту тему как могли. Но на третий год сдались! Проведя небольшие опросы в своих социальных сетях мы обнаружили, что на Новый год все требуют вкусов детства! Что греха таить, раз в год мы тоже