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This recipe is for a vegan Romesco sauce. In this episode you will learn how easy it is to make a low-fat Catalan sauce that that will blow your mind. If you fancy tasty recipes, make sure to stay tuned for more upcoming videos.

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14 thoughts on “Romesco sauce | The Vegan Corner

    1. Let me just say EEEEP to the fact that you replied ^.^ and also I will
      water it down a little, I’m making your baked pasta dish today with the
      bachemel sauce. Just have to make the almond milk first 🙂 ❤️❤️ I love your

    2. +ashley.ann Sure! Maybe it would be wise to thin it down with some water
      from the pasta pot, just to make it more pasta-friendly

  1. You are a life savers!!! How could I miss this recipe on your channel?! I
    am crazy about romesco and this is just fantastic low fat creation! xxx

    1. +Blueberry Clouds 🙂 I’m 100% sure that you will love this version of
      romesco sauce – It’s simply delicious!

  2. Such a lovely sauce but oh, tofu… Oh I do wish you would find an
    alternative for the tofu refusals! I love sauces as I cannot cope with dry
    foods so all sauces and dressings get a lot of attention from me, less
    calories and more taste cannot be bad!

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