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This recipe is on how to roast chestnuts. In this episode we’ll show you how to make perfect roasted chestnuts the easy way. If you like great-tasting food, stay tuned for more upcoming recipes.

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20 thoughts on “Roasted chestnuts | The Vegan Corner

    1. +Joel Monroy Tell me about it! Sometimes those things look perfect, then
      you cook them and they are completely tasteless.They usually taste sweet
      and have a nutty and pumpkin like flavour.

    2. +The Vegan Corner what are they suppose to taste like. I got them from
      whole foods and they look fresh. Their not spoiled. They taste like walnuts
      but much weirder.

    3. +Joel Monroy If the chestnuts don’t taste good is because they are not of a
      good quality. Like any other fruit, nut or seed, the taste is not always
      the same.

  1. When there are chestnuts in the bowl with the water, that won’t sink into
    the bowl like the other ones – is it true, that those are the bad ones and
    I can throw them away?

    1. +Trixi7777 Haha, I’m very pleased to hear that my friend 🙂 I’ve been
      eating chestnuts like this for over a decade now and I knew that somebody
      was going to like this recipe. Have a wonderful day and thanks for keeping
      me posted

    2. Thank you so so so so so much for your great recipe, the chestnuts have
      been just wonderful, what a joy :-)))) Now I’m addicted and soon I’m going
      to prepare more haha!!

    3. Oh, thank you a lot for your quick answer! I’ve just put the chestnut in
      the water, and in two hours I’m going to put them into the oven. I won’t
      throw the floating chestnuts away, maybe they’re as delicious as your
      floating chestnuts! I’ll let you know later how your method worked for me,
      I’m already very excited, because I looooove chestnuts, but I’ve never had
      a good method to make them at home, maybe now that will change :).

  2. So, just finished making about a dozen chestnuts using this method: Alas,
    about 20% were old/moldy and wouldn’t give up their skins no matter what,
    but being inedible, were cheerily tossed out the window for the squirrels,
    while the remaining ones were beautifully tawny, fragrant, and peeled in a
    jiffy. Honestly, I was almost crying with gladness that they were so easy
    to peel. I wish I had known of this method decades ago!!! Thank you again,
    VC : )

    1. +tamcon72 That’s good news! And believe me, you’ll get better and better at
      it, especially if the chestnuts you can find are of good quality. Thanks
      for keeping me posted my friend 🙂

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