Quick Veg Pizza ( Vegan Pizza Bread )

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Veg Pizza Recipe

For a fast really cheap game or movie night dinner try making this really easy veg pizza recipe. This Vegan pizza bread is a great recipe to have in the family cook book just incase you’re running late and need to get dinner on a plate quick. When you make this Vegan pizza recipe you won’t be disappointed, it’s super greasy and taste like a carnival pizza. Add more toppings or leave it as is. We personally think the french cut green beans and chopped onions give it that taste that is just enough anytime, but add your own pineapple, mushrooms, bell peppers, or whatever you feel like. We are a family of five with a dog and we look forward for the breakfast leftovers this meal provides. So enjoy this delicious veg pizza recipe on us. Thank you for watching and have a great day. Go Vegan.

Veg Pizza Recipe Ingredients

2 loaves: Vegan french bread

3 stick’s: Vegan margarine

1 can: pizza sauce

2 cups: french cut green beans

1 cup: chopped onion

1 cup: nutritional yeast

¾ tbsp: rosemary

2 tsp: garlic powder

1 tsp: italian seasoning

Not So Healthy Vegan

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