P&W Summer Jelly Drink (vegan) ☆ パイナップルとスイカのジェリードリンクの作り方

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Enjoy the summer in 2016! 😉

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800g water melon

200g pineapple
300g soy milk
50g maple syrup
1 tbsp tapioca starch
1 tsp agar powder
pepper mint

100g coconut milk
100g soy milk
10g maple syrup


1. cut water melon in bite size and blend at lowest speed.
2. pour into ice cube tray and leave it in a freezer.
3. put all the ingredients of pineapple jelly together in a blender container and blend well.
4. gently heat the mixture up until agar and starch are well cooked.
5. pour into cups and leave it in a fridge.
6. slice the pineapple jelly into small pieces.
7. put the remaining ingredients(coconut milk, soy milk and maple syrup) together and top with water melon ice cubes.


Ingredients in this recipe are:

Now Foods, Organic Maple Syrup

Edward & Sons, Organic Tapioca Starch

Now Foods, Agar Powder

Eden Foods, Organic Unsweetened Soy milk


I often order organic foods from iHerb.

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Equipments & etc:

Camera : Sony A7RII
Lens : FE 35mm F1.4 ZA SEL35F14Z
Lens Filter : GENUS ECLIPSE 77mm ND Fader Filter
Mic:RODE video mic pro
Monitor : Atomos Ninja Assassin
Tripods:SLIK carbon 923 pro/ SLIK carbon 823 pro/ SLIK mini pro 7
Software : DaVinci Resolve / Apple Final Cut Pro X
Music : A Healing Heart / Tim Garland ()


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