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This recipe is about preparing horseradish root. In this episode we’ll show you how we like to turn this amazing root into a delicious and fiery paste to be enjoyed with your favourite foods. Make sure to stay tuned for more upcoming recipes.

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11 thoughts on “Prepared horseradish | The Vegan Corner

  1. Can you do a video on preparing squash. Like boiling or something of the
    sort. I have squash simply sitting in the fridge but I really don’t want
    the pain to go through all the roasting for a “ok” recipe. So I came here
    in seek of a quick recipe from the professionals. (If it’s not quick that’s
    fine too. So long as it’s simple 😉 )

  2. great video. more so on the production, and direction of it. Good song,
    too. And, of course, I will be making this. What is the refrigeration life
    of the horse-radish?

    1. Thank you very much! I shouldn’t recommend you to keep it in the fridge for
      more than a week, but to be honest with you…I keep it for up to a month
      with no loss of flavour. Also between the properties of the root and the
      vinegar content, it is one of those products that doesn’t spoil quickly.

  3. My Eastern European family loved horseradish on meats and chicken growing
    up, but what are some ways for a vegan to enjoy it?

    1. +Taryn Merrick The stuff is incredibly healthy and if you really like it,
      it you quite easy to incorporate it into pasta or rice dishes by simply
      adding it during the preparation. It lends the dish some interesting
      buttery notes

  4. i really love youre vidios and learned from them alot! 🙂 in 2 days it will
    be my birthday and i wonder if you can make a chocolate vegan cake like
    those simple moist cake it would make my birthday!!:D

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