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Today’s episode of The Edgy Veg features a recipe for sliders made using portobello mushrooms instead of meat. Vegetarians, you no longer have to suffer through the laborious task of trimming your veggie burgers into tiny circles to get that slider experience.

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Many people are unaware of the humble beginnings of the portobello mushroom. Prior to a clever marketing campaign that began in the 1980’s growers often had to dispose of portobellos because they were not only large, measuring up to 6″, but also had the gills fully exposed. This exposure led to the drying out of the mushroom giving it the rich, meaty texture that makes it one of the most loved mushrooms in the entire world. By naming this mushroom, which is is simply the fully mature form of the crimino they were able to glamorize the large brown fungi enough that people began to take notice of it. It soon began appearing in gourmet dishes at restaurants and even found it’s way onto the barbecue grill. The portobello mushroom is a perfect substitute for anyone seeking a burger experience without using meat.

Obviously, Candice is a huge fan. Her recipe for Portobello Mushroom Sliders starts off with the creation of your marinade. She is avid in regards to recycling and prefers to marinade her portobellos in a plastic bag which she then washes out and uses for a future marinade. If you take this approach be sure to get a quality grade freezer bag. Many people find it easier to quickly and thoroughly cover your ingredients in your marinade when using the bag since it can be sealed and is also transparent. You will create the marinade itself in a bowl by adding olive oil, balsamic vinegar, vegan Worcestershire, garlic powder or fresh minced garlic, thyme, basil, salt and finally pepper. Whisk all of that together in your bowl and then add it to your bag.

Next, we will need to prep our portobellos. When selecting your portobello mushrooms pick out the ones that will be a good size fit for your sliders. Cut the stem out them leaving room for stuffing. The next step will be to put them into the bag which already contains your marinade. Massage the marinade into the mushrooms after sealing the bag, being sure to get them thoroughly coated. You now have the option of letting your mushrooms soak in the marinade in the refrigerator or on the counter. If you choose the counter you will only need to let them soak for a few hours, if you choose the fridge you will need to leave them in overnight.

Once you have properly marinated your mushrooms throw them on the grill for a few minutes on each side. Cooking times will always vary when it comes to a barbecue grill so just use your best judgement. Candice recommends about 5 minutes on each side for most grills. You will also want to put your buns on the grill just to get them a bit toasted. Keep a close watch on your buns as they can easily overcook on a hot grill. When it comes to bun selection just pick your favorite slider sized buns. When everything is cooked it’s time to construct your sliders. Start by adding your toppings. Candice is topping hers with some greens, vegan mayo, hot sauce, and tons of Kimchi. She is a big fan of Kimchi and has been known to top a variety of vegan dishes with it. Once you have your toppings on add your bun on top and enjoy.

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