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Georgie cooks up some awesome pizza rolls in this video, a great variation of regular pizza. He makes a delicious whole wheat crust (which is so much healthier than the white flour crust you will get if you order pizza in most restaurants) adds a bunch of veggies topped with our plant-based moxarella cheese (see our Moxarella video to learn how to make) and of course, this cheese made out of cashews is so much healthier than what you get when you order pizza out; then it’s typically an oil based non-dairy cheese. And if you want to add some seitan pepperoni to your pizza rolls, the flavor profile keeps increasing (see our Seitan Pepperoni video to learn how to make).
So have we enticed you yet? There are several steps to making these pizza rolls, but Georgie takes you through them step-by-step. The end result is worth it! We thank our friends Anita and David for being our taste tasters and then joining us to partake in this flavorful and healthy dish.
We’d love to hear if you make it. Please give us a thumbs up if you like what we do. Thanks!

Here is the recipe:
Prepared by the Happy Vegan Couple
*Use organic ingredients as much as possible*
Dough Ingredients
2 packets of yeast 1 ½ cups warm water at 115 degrees (use thermometer)
2 cups whole wheat flour 1 ½ cups whole grain spelt flour (we use some spelt to reduce the heaviness of the dough as it is a bit lighter than whole wheat).
1 tbsp dried italian seasoning 1 tsp dried basil 1 tsp garlic powder ½ tsp salt
1 tsp olive oil 2 tbsp agave syrup

Veggies to use for your Pizza Rolls that will be Roasted in Oven
1 cup each of the following veggies chopped: red onion, yellow onion, red bell pepper & mushrooms
1 tsp each of onion and garlic powder 1 tbsp italian seasoning

Additional Ingredients
2 cups fresh spinach loosely packed
½ cup kalamata olives pitted chopped
1 can pizza sauce (we enjoy the organic Muir Glen brand)
Moxarella Cheese (See our Moxarella Cheese Cooking Video)
Seitan Pepperoni (See our Seitan Pepperoni Cooking Video)

1. Mix yeast packets into water heated to 115 degrees. Lightly stir and let sit 3-4 minutes to foam and activate.

2. Put whole wheat flour and dry seasonings into mixing bowl. Stir to mix. You can mix by hand or with a mixing bowl that has a dough hook attachment.

3. Add agave, oil, and water with activated yeast. Mix well.

4. Now slowly add spelt flour and mix. Your goal with the spelt flour is to add enough to keep the pizza dough from sticking to the sides of the bowl and to reduce some of the moisture of the dough from the wet ingredients. We use the #2 setting on the mixer.

5. Set on counter for 1 hour to rise. Cover dough with towel.

6. While dough is rising, mix together the veggies that will be roasted in the oven. Place the veggies and the seasonings in a bowl and mix.

7. Using a roasting pan, place a silicone mat on it. Lay the veggies on the mat and spread them out in the pan. Bake in the oven for approximately 30 minutes at 425 degrees until tender. If you are using parchment paper instead of a mat, lower temperature to 420.

8. Once your dough has risen for an hour, it is time to roll it out. Place some flour on your counter surface and place ½ of the dough on it. Roll it out with a rolling pin to an oblong/oval shape about ¼” thick (see video).

9. Spread ½ can of pizza sauce evenly on the dough.

10. Using ½ of the fresh spinach, add a layer over the sauce.

11. Using ½ of the roasted veggies, add a layer over the spinach.

12. Using ½ of the kalamata olives, add a layer over the roasted veggies.

13. If adding seitan pepperoni, spread over veggies to your liking (oops-we forgot to do this step in our video. To learn how to make, see our Seitan Pepperoni cooking video).

14. Add several dabs of moxarella cheese over veggies mostly in 1 line across dough (To learn how to make, see our Moxarella Cheese cooking video).

15. Now fold your dough to make a pizza roll. First roll the sides in a bit. Next, roll up from the bottom, like rolling a burrito.

16. Once your first roll is done, lift it from your counter with 2 spatulas and place it on a pizza stone that has been heated. Easy way to do this is once your roasted veggies are done, remove them. Turn your oven down to 375 degrees. Place your pizza stone in there to get heated. Once heated, remove so you can place your pizza roll on the stone.

17. Repeat the process with the rest of the dough so you can make 2 pizza rolls. Once you complete rolling and preparing the 2nd pizza roll, place this on the stone.

18. Bake the assembled pizza rolls at 375 degrees for about 20-25 minutes until crust is a light golden brown.


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