Pigeon Pie & Lemon Cakes – Vegan & Gluten Free | Game of Thrones Finale Party Food

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Come join me in my kitchen while I prepare for the Game of Thrones Series Finale with some inspired food from the show! I will be showing you how to make a #vegan and #glutenfree Pigeon Pie and Sansa’s Lemon Cakes (Vegan, GF)!

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10 thoughts on “Pigeon Pie & Lemon Cakes – Vegan & Gluten Free | Game of Thrones Finale Party Food

    1. Ashlee Marie I get it! I only watch because of greg but I think this is the first season I actually paid attention because I wanna know the ending 🤣

    1. Countess D haha! I have no idea where to get it honestly, my BFF hooked it up for Christmas one year! Maybe search on amazon or Etsy? 🍻

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