Persimmon and Sugar Cookies (vegetarian – non-dairy recipe included)

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INGREDIENTS: Non-dairy recipe for Persimmon and Sugar Cookies: 2 cups of Earth Balance, NON-SOY, non-dairy buttery sticks, 2 cups of sugar, 4 tablespoons of Persimmon from a very, very ripe persimmon, 1 tablespoon of coconut extract, 1 tablespoon of butter extract (buttery taste with no un-healthy fat, no cholesterol, no un-healthy calories. 6 cups of flour – *NOTE* I used Self Rising Flour instead. The recipe called for All Purpose Flour and Baking Powder, which I never use. It’s too complicated for me and my recipes always fail when I use All Purpose Flour and Baking Powder.

Persimmons are the PERFECT substitute for eggs! I always use bananas to replace eggs, in all of my recipes and then I realized that Persimmons are just as good as bananas, if not better! They have the same consistency as an egg and add natural sugar and sweetness to your recipe. You want to use a very, very ripe Hichiya or Fuyu Persimmon. The Fuyu works best but either one is just as good. The only thing about Persimmons, is that they are only available during the months of October and February. I buy them at my local Asian markets.

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7 thoughts on “Persimmon and Sugar Cookies (vegetarian – non-dairy recipe included)

  1. OMG! My grandmother used to make persimmon cookies ALL the time during this
    time of year and persimmon pound cakes. Aaahhh . . . .you just took me
    back. Thanks for sharing.

    1. +Sassy Green Garden Diva Productions Your A.C.E. (Artistic Culinary
      Enthusiast) Yes, she sure did. I figured it was a southern like, like
      making hush puppies. I buy persimmons because of her but they usually end
      up wasting. She’d put dried currents and all kinds of delicious spices in

    2. REALLY?!!! I never new that was a thing! I love persimmons and wish I could
      get them year round! I was just using the persimmon to replace the egg, as
      the very, very ripe persimmon has the consistency of egg and works very
      well in pies, cakes, cookies, french toast batter, etc., as a binder! I can
      also use persimmon as a sweetener as they don’t have a lot of flavor but
      are very sweet!

  2. Another great viedo sis.. I love sugar cookies. And when you said you can
    use the Agave vs the sugar made it even better for me. Im trying to stay
    away from the white sugar. You did a really good job on them. Love it.

    1. Hi, Michele! This whole thing was like an experiment and I thought it was
      pretty cool that the Agave worked well in this recipe! THANK YOU!

  3. Goodness gracious. That is the best sugar cookie dough I’ve ever seen. Can
    you taste the persimmon flavor in the cookie? Those cookies turned out

    1. Hi, Ms. Jeante! THANK YOU! I was surprised that the dough turned out so
      well! I don’t find too much flavor in the Persimmon. It’s just really,
      really sweet and it’s a great replacement for eggs. But you have to wait
      for them to get really really ripe! Thanks for stopping by to watch my

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