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Calling all you Vegans out there that have been craving Ice Cream Cake! Candice has come up with possibly her most delicious concoction yet in the form of Vegan Mini Ice Cream Cakes that you make in mason jars.

Full recipe:

To put together these Vegan Ice Cream Cakes we are going to need some basic ingredients to start with. Get together your favorite vegan cookies, vegan brownies, vegan ice cream, vegan chocolate, and anything else you think would make a good topping or flavoring in your mini vegan ice cream cake. Candice grabbed some cookies that she had made that unexpectedly came out a bit crispy and flat. Fortunately this is a great compliment to the mini ice cream cakes and found a home in the mason jars along with everything else. In addition to these ingredients make your mason jar selection, a variety of sizes would be advised but ultimately you simply want to pick out the sizes that will work best for you.

Start by creating the base of your mini ice cream cake, just put one of your vegan chocolate chip cookies into one of your mason jars. Be sure that it goes all the way to the bottom and fits down there snugly. Top that with some vegan ice cream. Candice has chosen to use coconut ice cream for her mini ice cream cakes but you can feel free to use any flavor you might fancy. Consider leaving your ice cream out on the counter and letting it warm up for a bit before adding it. Doing so will ensure it’s easy to spread it out evenly. Add a layer of chocolate sauce to the top of that. You don’t have to be overly picky with the spread of your chocolate sauce as you will never see it, it’s just one of the many layers of flavor that make up your mini ice cream cake. Candice melted down some of the chocolate she used when she made chocolate truffles for Valentine’s day. You could, theoretically, also use frosting if you don’t happen to have any chocolate on hand.

The next part in the construction of your mini ice cream cake is to break up the brownie into reasonably small sized chunks and push it down against the layer of chocolate you just added. As you can see from the video this mini ice cream cake is starting to take shape, and the shape is looking really tasty. Once you have added your layer of vegan brownies add another layer of ice cream on top of that. This will be the top layer and should be just about even with the top of your mason jar. Now screw the lid on and put the mason jar in the freezer. Candice say she generally just leaves them in the refrigerator until it’s time to serve them and then crumbles the extra toppings that she wants right on top. In this video she decks out her creation with more brownie pieces, more chocolate chip cookie, and even some pieces of the ever so crispy cookies she had previously made.

That wasn’t so hard was it? This easy to eat snack takes only a few minutes to put together and will last in your freezer for quite some time. It will also wow your guests when they come over and you nonchalantly tell them you might have a mini ice cream cake they could eat. Wait until they tell you it’s delicious and then tell them it’s vegan. Have fun enjoying your mini ice cream cakes and come back soon!

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