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Today I tried to see if I could make vegan fried chicken from grapefruit peels! I came across a video from Sauce Stache & other people online making chicken from grapefruit peels and noticed they were all using eggs or milk. So I wanted to test out to see if I could make this Vegan! Let me know in the comment section what hack you want me to test next 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Making vegan CHICKEN from GRAPEFRUIT PEELS | How To Make Vegan Chicken | The Edgy Veg

  1. Very curious about this. Two things popped in my mind:

    1- Could biological grapefruit make it less bitter (the fruit doesn’t taste the same AT ALL when it’s pesticides free)
    2- Could we cut the grapefruit in quarters from the start and then empty them? Or would it be too messy and the grapefruit juice would go everywhere?
    If anyone tried this, I would love to know!

  2. The best way to cut any citrus fruit, is to cut the ends off. So I’d first slice the top and bottom of the grapefruit so that it can sit flat on either side. Then I hold the grapefruit in my palm & with a knife I cut anywhere from 5 to 6 slits all the way around. I put the knife down, and with my fingernail, I pull the peel back from the top like a banana peel. And I continue to pull down til I get all around the fruit slits I made. I like to go slow bc I can make a clean pull so that none of the fruit is left on the peel. For this recipe, I’d likely have to shave the waxy outside first and then start my cutting/peeling technique. In any case, this probably wouldn’t remove any bitterness from the fruit, but it’d at least eliminate the scooping process so that the prep is less tedious. I’ll have to try this recipe & report back.

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