Mac and Cheese Pizza – VEGAN

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Come join me in my kitchen while I show you how to make an epic #vegan Macaroni and Cheese Pizza! This #pizza #recipe uses my favorite vegan products that help us with comfort food cravings to stay on our veganism journey!

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13 thoughts on “Mac and Cheese Pizza – VEGAN

  1. It’s Joey from PBD. OMG!! I used to love CiCis. So funny. I am totally making this! Great Job.

    1. Vegan Vasco yes and no…the edges are super crispy and then the rest is crispy on the bottom with a softer rise…it’s thicker than a thin crust pizza to hold up the weight of the Mac and cheese

  2. I subscribed an hour ago and now you just confirmed that was the right decision oh my god is this pizza even legal

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