Is This the Best Vegan Pizza I’ve Eaten?

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8 thoughts on “Is This the Best Vegan Pizza I’ve Eaten?

  1. Hey Natasha, My friend and I are both 14 and I’ve talked to her about how I became vegan which was at age 9 because my Mom had talked to me about veganism and at the time she had already been vegan for a couple of years, my friends mom won’t let her go vegan and my friend has an eating disorder and her mom thinks that the reason she is wanting to go vegan is to restrict , but that’s not the case at all, she wants to go vegan for the animals and to feel better. And I’ve told my friend about you and your amazing channel and she loves it .Any ideas on what she can say or do, that her mom will be ok with and perhaps say yes to, for my friend making that transition?

  2. That looks good! Hey, I went ahead and got the pedals Durianrider suggested, the Shimano M9100’s for my bike. Would you please let me know the brand of mountain bike shoe you were wearing in the grocery store when he was talking about how mountain bike shoes are better than road shoes? You were wearing a yellow dress. Thanks 😉

    1. Hey! I’ve had 2 pairs of mountain bike shoes. My first pair were an entry level shimano shoe that had a lot of flex in them but they still did the job. They were about $75. I recently purchased some shimano XC9’s and I can say they are FANTASTIC! Since wearing them my times have dropped significantly, they are super stiff and good looking for a mtb shoe. They feel really aggressive. It depends on your budget and the sort of riding you’re doing, I picked mine up for 300 which is 150 off the RRP. What’s your goal with cycling? 🙂

  3. Madd jealous of the pizzeria pizza, been chowing down the veg trio only, gon look for some Perth vegan friendly pizzarias for tonight haha 🙂

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