Is it Tougher for Men To Go Vegan? | Vegan Challenge Update | The Edgy Veg

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The question posed in this video is whether or not it’s harder for men to go Vegan. James has gone Vegan and relays some of the experiences he has had and also talks about living the Vegan lifestyle.

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As many of you know James made a bold movement forward and took the 30 day Vegan challenge. Some of you took it with him in fact.

James talks about the many challenges he faced going Vegan. One of the biggest challenges he encountered was staying Vegan in larger social gatherings. He said it was especially hard with business related events. The biggest problem faced was that he didn’t want to insult the person he was eating with by not ordering what they had, but of course they weren’t eating Vegan. He had to take a good long look at the menu only to find that his options were very limited if he wanted to keep his commitment to the Vegan challenge, which he did.

James also went and met up with a bunch of his friends for dinner at a well known rib spot. He had to sit and watch his buddies happily devouring delicious ribs right in front of him and again scan the menu for vegan options. He ended up going with side dishes of vegetables and of course his friends clowned on him a bit. He stayed strong though and kept on the Vegan path. What he learned from that experience was that it doesn’t matter what people think about your food choices. It’s your body and you have the right to treat it in the best way possible.

Based on his experience taking the Vegan challenge he concluded that it was definitely easier for a woman to go Vegan. That is generally much more readily accepted by society. Our society expects men to be meat eaters, to go to a restaurant and order the biggest steak they serve. What James was really dealing with are the stereotypes that society has put on men, and that ultimately is what made his commitment to going Vegan a real challenge.

The worst part about going Vegan for James was sitting in front of foods that he loves and realizing that for a Vegan they are just not an option. James grew up very connected to food, it was a part of his family and even his heritage. There were many dishes he remembers eating with his family that he couldn’t eat during the Vegan challenge.

After going Vegan he began to see how carnal and almost primitive eating meat right off the bone really was and he started to feel sick just thinking about it. For James going Vegan was an extremely eye opening experience and he feels that he has learned a great deal from it. Hopefully some of you out there that took the Vegan challenge with James can relate with his experiences and walk away with a new perspective on food altogether.

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7 thoughts on “Is it Tougher for Men To Go Vegan? | Vegan Challenge Update | The Edgy Veg

  1. Everyone is different, as I went raw vegan for a month from a meat heavy
    diet intending to use it as a cleanse… But as the month went by I started
    to educate myself so much on veganism that I could never go back, and
    haven’t! I watched many documentaries, and when you see so much senseless
    killing and suffering, your way of thinking changes. Good on you for making
    the change!!! I hope you stick with it, keep educating to build a solid
    foundation, and work towards becoming 100% vegan! Best of luck to you!

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