I tried drinking CELERY JUICE for 10 days and THIS is what happened…

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I always ask you guys what videos you want to see on my channel, and I had many of you ask to do the Celery Juice Challenge or the “Celery Juice Cleanse” to see if it works or my thoughts on it. I originally wanted to try it for 5 Days but decided to try it for 10 Days to see if there would be more long-term benefits or effects from drinking celery juice every day.

Have you done a celery juice cleanse or even try juicing celery in a smoothie?



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7 thoughts on “I tried drinking CELERY JUICE for 10 days and THIS is what happened…

  1. “I hate having to do something every day” me trying to establish a productive work schedule for the summer as a grad student lol

  2. As a celery-hater, this is literally my worst nightmare. 😂 Love testing out fads like this though! Thank you for doing it so I didn’t have to. 😊

  3. Meant to make fresh daily and drink first thing in the morning (and then wait 1/2 hr before eating anything else for full benefits). I think it’s really for people with health issues.

  4. I really appreciate your study and report. You’re a fun person but you are also thorough and logical and real so I feel like it’s good feedback for a trend that may not be worth the hype.

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