How to Make Vegan Pizza in a Mug!

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For a quick easy and delicious snack, this vegan pizza in a mug has got your name on it! 1 min and 20 seconds and your done cooking! It’s a great way to portion out your food, it’s healthy and uh yeah, it’s pizza!


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15 thoughts on “How to Make Vegan Pizza in a Mug!

  1. Hey Reigning Ones! Let me know if you make this recipe! If you like vegan fast food check this 5 minute Vegan Burger!

    1. +Shelita Williams your are so welcome beautiful keep it going I love these I would love to see more cooking videos I love cooking videos!!

  2. This looks so quick and easy we have to try this. I love how the video gets straight to the point as well great job

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