How To Make Vegan Cream Cheese Buttercream | Bake Vegan Stuff with Sara Kidd

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Grab RECIPE in US metrics/Grams here:

1. People who need vegan buttercream in a hurry for whatever reason (I don’t judge)
2. People who brought way to much vegan cream cheese and have already made 50 types of cream cheese bagels and some other weird pancakes that we won’t discuss…..
3. People who want a kick-ass buttercream recipe that doesn’t involve random fluids from other species

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19 thoughts on “How To Make Vegan Cream Cheese Buttercream | Bake Vegan Stuff with Sara Kidd

  1. Grrr, I don’t have vegan cream cheese in Holland (perhaps when I would drive for hours to a special shop or order it online, but that would contra-act a quick and easy recipe and be anti-vegan-bad-for-the-environment🤭)…. so, what could I use? Cashewbutter?

    1. Hey Pip! Yeah I think driving for hours would absolutely defeat the purpose…. The other ingredient that works really well is Hulled Tahini. I would add around 70grams as it’s really strong on flavour. If you want the icing to be more stiff once you add the tahini, add extra icing sugar (start with 1/2 a cup) and then let sit in the fridge for an hour. Make sure you cover it and press the cover down into the buttercream otherwise it will get crusty on the top.

    1. I use Nutellex palm oil free butter and i usually buy a hi-ratio fat veggie shortening from an online cake shop. I know a few people have brought Crisco from their local supermarket and they said that also works.

    1. +Vegan Cakes By Sara Kidd haha ok, Im not on a diet, just trying to eat better and I would like to loose just a bit of weight.

    2. +Vegan Cakes By Sara Kidd Yeah thats not quick enough haha…Im trying to go on a diet so Im just going to watch them lol

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