How to Make Gluten Free Rice Pizza

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Satoshi’s back with another original recipe. Today he’s making a white pizza made with a rice crust instead of flour. It’s also gluten free and super easy to make!

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8 thoughts on “How to Make Gluten Free Rice Pizza

  1. wait, it’s a microwave and a regular oven? how is that possible? but yeah, that would be awesome to make for my gluten free friends…

  2. Yes please!!! Please make a Japanese vs Italian version of this pizza🍕! I think it’ll be amazing to contrast the 2 styles and it’s great that it’s gluten-free friendly for people who can’t eat flour. Great work guys! 👍

  3. I thought you were gonna toast the rice before the toppings but it still looks interesting. Try another one.
    Also you must love that tumbler because I swear I saw you talk about it in another video

  4. LOVED this video! You guys are so sweet and just make my heart smile. You’re chemistry is infectious; I LOVE it. This video felt so humble and down to earth. I loved watching you create this pizza in your kitchen. Your commentary and Satoshi dancing in the background was great. I love this idea for a pizza, and yes, the possibilities are ENDLESS! I would love to see more combinations; both Japanese flavors and western flavors… and maybe filled “crust” one day. Thanks for sharing this recipe; it looks delicious and seems fun to make!

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