How to make Bread pizza – BreadPizza on Tawa

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Bread pizza is a variant of pizza. You can not find it in restaurants or any other places but I got this idea by surfing on the internet where I found this delicious recipe.

Here I am presenting how to make bread pizza on a pane (Bread pizza on tawa).
Not all the people have a own so I am showing here How to make bread pizza on a pane / tawa.

Ingredients :
– Bread
– Butter
– Cheese
– Onion
– Tomato
– Capsicum
– Corn
– Oregano
– Chili flex
– Tomato cache up
– Salt

Recipe :
– Chop the Onion, Capsicum , tomato and mix them.
– Add corn into mixture.
– Add Oregano, Chili flex and Salt and mix well.
– Put pan on medium flame and add butter than toast bread from one side.
– On that side of the bread apply tomato cache up and put 2 tbsp mixture on bread (add topping).
– Now add butter on pan and toast other side of the bread.
– Now spread cheese on the topping.
– Let the mixture for 2-3 minute till cheese melt and cover it with top cover.
– Now Take out and serve it with Tomato cache up.

Note : You can also make it in own.

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