How To Make A Meat Lovers Pizza & A Vegan Pizza & Sweet Bologna PIZZA!! What A COMBO!

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I A World Of Elaborate Parties ,That cost’s So Much I am here to Share it is the Memories Created not the Expense ,This is How Tessie Creates a Party !! The Simple Way !!


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12 thoughts on “How To Make A Meat Lovers Pizza & A Vegan Pizza & Sweet Bologna PIZZA!! What A COMBO!

  1. I have been binge watching your videos for a couple of days! I love them so much. 🙂 You’re one of the hardest working, productive women I’ve ever seen! I may be one of the least productive! Lol Although I’ve always deeply desired to be a homemaker…I’m just not very good at it. :/ You need a homemaker boot camp for people like me! Lol Thanks for all that you share.

  2. Aww, time spent with your grandchildren is so valuable and the memories last a lifetime! So glad you’re teaching them from an early age to cook. Helps give them confidence too. You’re a wonderful Gramma!

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