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Candice teams up with Nikki Limo in this MacGyver style video to bring you a whole new take on making Vegan food right in your hotel room. Utilizing the tools at their disposal, which happen to be a blow dryer, an iron, and a ironing board they manage to cook a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, a Quesedilla, and Nachos.

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They start things off by crafting the Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Their ingredients were a loaf of birdseed bread, which is apparently crucial to the creation of this sandwich, as well as Follow Your Heart Vegan cheese slices. After surveying the scene and looking for anything that could actually cook this sandwich they settle on a clothing iron, a blow dryer, and an ironing board to get the job done. The first thing they do is put the cheese on the bread. They use 2 pieces per sandwich keeping the cheese evenly aligned with the sides of the bread. Next Candice turns on the iron and puts it down right on the bread. After waiting for a bit she resorts to ironing it like a shirt as well as several other classic ironing techniques but finds it to be a rather tedious task.

So tedious in fact that her and Nikki resort to trying to find some sort of entertainment on their phones. After quite some time trying to cook the grilled cheese sandwiches they finally flip them to the other side and iron it as well. Finally the cheese melts and they try the ironed sandwiches. They note that they are quite flat and especially dry. This technique will do in a pinch and there is no doubt that MacGyver would approve but this is by no means an ideal way to make a grilled cheese.

Their second attempt at uncovering the secret to hotel room cooking is to make nachos. For this recipe they have salsa, chips, and of course vegan cheese. After hunting around the hotel room a bit they uncover a tray perfect for the creation of nachos. They plate the chips and put a generous amount of cheese on them. They grab the hair dryer, put it on high and point it right at the cheese.

Due to the forced air generated by the hair dryer they find themselves in a predicament as the hair dryer keeps blowing the cheese right off the chips. They eventually resort to using the iron as a wind shield forcing the hot air back down on the cheese. After giving it a truly valiant effort Candice makes an executive decision to give up. Neither the heat from the iron or the forced air from the blow dryer reached a temperature hot enough to actually melt the cheese. The disappointment from both ladies is clear as they were hungry and a plate of nachos would have really hit the spot.

Their last attempt at concocting food in their hotel room using only what they have at their disposal was to make quesadillas. They stuck with the same cheese and salsa they had planned on using with the nachos and just added some tortillas to the mix. In traditional style they lay the tortillas down flat, cover them with cheese and then put another tortilla on top. They then proceed to iron these quesadillas in very much the same fashion as the grilled cheese. While it was definitely not a speedy process the iron was able to melt the cheese and slightly toast the tortillas. This recipe, unlike the others, was one that Macgyver himself couldn’t argue was a success. Nikki Limo seemed quite happy with the final product but we’ll have to wait and see if she decides to switch over her quesadilla technique to involve using an iron on a more permanent basis.

The idea behind this video is to show you that cooking food with whatever you have at your disposal is entirely possible. As you saw in the video the last recipe came out quite well. The quesadillas looked like they had been traditionally fried. Experimentation is an important part of cooking and there is no denying that the Candice and Nikki Limo Hotel Room cooking experiment was a success.

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