Hot Vegan Cinnamon & cocoa drink for Christmas Recipe

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Almost Christmas time guys! One essential on Christmas is a warm and cozy drink, and this recipe will melt your heart away. It’s so delicious, and cozy to drink. This is my favorite drink ever! Thanks for watching!

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13 thoughts on “Hot Vegan Cinnamon & cocoa drink for Christmas Recipe

  1. I am going to make an effort to eat healthier and more vegan this year. so
    I look forward to more recipes, you can be my vegan mom Maria :D

    1. +SkogenWhisper haha! So happy you are going to try to eat healthier & more
      vegan <3
      haha, You're funny Emma.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! This is so delicious! Especially for cold winter days!
    How do you find these recipes? They are so good! Keep up the good work!

  3. this may sound like a very silly question, but why do y’all ( you and your
    mom ) always have spices in labeled jars? Do you guys just prefer it that
    way, or does the spices, sugar, and other stuff come in different packaging
    than the US? Just asking, because I actually stole the idea from you guys
    hehe. I now actually put flour and sugar in labeled jars…great idea.

    1. +Naturallyvegan011 actually it really does. I live in the US, North
      Carolina to be exact, so using mason jars for things other than canning ia
      a must lol. ( insert sarcasm lol) but yea Ive put mine in mason jars and it
      goes with my “country theme type” kitchen lol

    2. +Ashli Hefner Haha! That’s just me. My mom doesn’t care about that stuff.
      But i on the other hand like to keep things in order. =) Not all of our
      spices & flour and stuff are in jars, but most of them are. It just looks
      so much neater that way.
      That’s awesome Ashli! Doesn’t it look way more homey now? hihi.
      Thanks for watching!

  4. good afternoon or magadang hapon☺?great video that looks soo good and
    yummy??have a nice day or hapon and eveningbor gabi enjoy love you gurs
    bye ???

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