‘Hot For Food’ Made Me Vegan! | Dinner Exchange

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Watch Lauren Toyota make the full recipe for vegan Italian anginette cookies on her Hot for Food channel here:


Big thanks to Joe Rap for participating in this episode of Dinner Exchange. Check out his Twitter here:

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7 thoughts on “‘Hot For Food’ Made Me Vegan! | Dinner Exchange

  1. Fantastic video all-around! Thank you Lauren and Joe for your inspiring
    stories. Can’t wait to try the cookie recipe!

  2. Love, love, LOVE this video!! hotforfood / Lauren Toyota has been a huge
    inspiration for me in a ton of ways, from her recipes to her approach to
    veganism. She has helped me develop into the vegan I am today. It’s nice to
    see this connection with others as well. 😀 And congrats to you, Joe! This
    is an amazing, inspiring video! <3

  3. Joe is such a sweetheart, you can see how passionate he is about everything
    he talks about, just wow. I’m hot for food too, hihi

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