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Candice is back with another Vegan Grocery Haul in this episode that includes products from Field Roast, Annie’s, Sapporo Ichiban, and more.


While visiting her friends J.P. and Julia from the YouTube Channel “Healthy Junkfood” Candice found herself over the border and just couldn’t stop herself from stocking up on some American Vegan food. While in Buffalo she picked up a wide variety of American Vegan foods not available in her area. Her first product mentioned is the Butler Soy Curls. She also picked up one her favorite all time vegan snacks, Annie’s cocoa bunnies. In case you haven’t had Annie’s cocoa bunnies she strongly recommends them.

She also scored some Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen stating specifically that it is some of the best package Ramen she has ever had. She also picked up the Teeccino Hazel Nut Flavor coffee substitute as she is trying to cut down on her overall consumption of caffeine on a daily basis. She also picked up some of the Fieldroast hand-formed burgers, which she claims is her favorite all time vegan burger product. She also a got a container of Roasted Garlic Vegenaise. She additionally picked up a pack of Edgy Veggies, which is hilarious seeing as how she is The Edgy Veg after all. She felt uncontrollably compelled to buy them, then realized afterwards, unfortunately, that they contained eggs.

Her next purchase was the Soyatoo Rice Whip as the holidays are coming up and she’s going to need some Whip Cream type product for her pumpkin pie. She also picked up some Fresh VeganMozz from Miyoko’s Creamery. She actually picked up several products from the Miyoko’s Creamery line. She grabbed multiple Beyond Meat products as well, 3 different packages actually. In addition to all of this other great food she got what appears to be four bags of Wegman’s Vegan Chocolate chips. By now you should know how much a chocolate fan Candice actually is so that kind of a buy makes sense. Apparently in Canada Vegan Chocolate is far more expensive in Canada so she was especially elated to have gotten such a good deal.

She got quite a few more products on her Vegan Grocery haul so be sure to tune in for the whole video to see everything.

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