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Here you have our recipe for how to make gluten-free bread. In this episode we’ll show you how to prepare some deliciously soft gluten-free buns. If you like food that tastes great, stay tuned in for more upcoming recipes.

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12 thoughts on “Gluten-free buns | The Vegan Corner

  1. I can’t find buckwheat here in my region. Can I sub it with sorghum flour?
    if I can, may I use it alone without rice flour and cornstarch?

  2. But this is not a recipe 🙁 How much of flour, water etc? I don’t see it
    anywhere. Can I have the recipe please :)

    1. Unfortunately no. However, we have a recipe for burger buns as well, if you
      want to make a similar product and use regular flour.

  3. Hi,
    I like the easy way you explain to do these beautiful yummy buns. I would
    love to bake them with sourdough and have already a gluten free starter.
    Can you help me to change the receipe in sourdough buns?

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