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5 thoughts on “Getting Ready To Bake The Vegan Pizza

  1. Ogsh, that looks so good. I’ve been craving a vegan pizza recently. I’m
    careful with my grains and only eat select breads and once in a while now
    and haven’t found a good reliable pizza dough/crust, yet. There’s pita and
    flatbread alternatives i can use, so maybe i’ll do that. Actually, i jus
    had a Kale, tomatoe, mushroom, pepper sandwich with this Hungarian eggplant
    paste yesterday and was so good. Hummus, as spread is good too. I jus saw
    that Freegan vid on my desktop yesterday, i actaully downloaded it cuz i
    was planning on making a vid on it i think. It’s called 16X9 Freeganism,
    haha. Is that the one u saw. I saw another one, too, the one in New York or
    is that the same one.

    1. Because I just wanted to use up the tomatoes. Sometimes I put tomato sauce
      on pizza, but I just found baking it with the tomatoes was just as good for
      me. When I made the crust I just used King Arthur flour, water, olive oil,
      and yeast. It was really simple.

    2. +Southern Cali Mountain Inspired Art And Life
      Yes, but how come no tomatoe sauce. Probably tomatoes is enough and
      actually original pizzas were like this, no sauce and white with jus
      toppings and olive oil. I crave bread when i work out. My body wants
      calories and needs variety, i think. I’m okay with all the breads i eat.
      They digest well. We have really good artisan bakers here. Sometimes the
      Walmart one with just White Flour, water, yeast, salt and barley malt works
      great, too. Digests well. I think it’s becasue no additives and jus
      simplicity. That’s the way it should be.

    3. Yeah I think that is the freegan video I watched. They were going through
      the trash in New York and laying it out at the end of the night to share
      all their treasures.

    4. It will be interesting to hear what you said about the freegans. I do not
      eat as much bread as I used to, and afterwards it did feel a bit heavy. I
      think this is not something to make everyday, but a good alternative to
      people who think you need a meat and cheese pizza.

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