FAQ Friday: Do Vegans Drink Alcohol?

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Today’s FAQ Friday question is: Do Vegans Drink Alcohol. I’m joined by my husband and we answer this question and share whether or not we ourselves drink alcohol or not.

Check out if your favorite drink is vegan at:

Enjoy xx







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6 thoughts on “FAQ Friday: Do Vegans Drink Alcohol?

  1. Wow… Really?! People asking this type of question must be a very unique
    and special kind of stupid… honestly!

  2. I drink alcohol when i’m partying and never give it a thought if it’s vegan
    or not. I won’t pull out my phone and start doing a research. I still
    consider myself a vegan tho.

  3. Hi, I was just wondering if you have kids and if so, what are your thoughts
    or suggestions on vegan food for kids? I have recently been to see a
    dietician and I am so pumped to be given the thumbs up to transition my
    toddler to vegan! He basically was already, but it’s just so reassuring to
    have that extra support. Now I’m more passionate than ever and I’m looking
    for all sorts of ideas and recipes. I would love to hear your thoughts! :)

    1. +JoJo Yes, I have a 13 year old. He has been vegan for 3 years. Just make
      sure they get enough iron and calcium. Beans and greens – broccoli, bok
      choi, almonds, tofu, baked beans, black beans, rice, spinach, potato etc
      Also supplement B12 as needed and as advised by your health care

  4. This vegan drinks alcohol. Except I can’t drink very much of it at all, it
    has a greater effect on me now. Eating anything not whole food plant based,
    (even vegan processed foods), really throws me off in that I do get
    slightly, to very, ill. But, I have no problem using just a small amount of
    alcohol in my cooking, (oriental cooking). 🙂 I too have the bottle of gin
    in my cupboard – because it takes so many years to use it up via cooking.
    LOL! Good point there about the egg whites. I always wondered how alcohol
    couldn’t be vegan. I downloaded an app, and next time, before I buy, I’ll
    run the brand through the app and find out if it is vegan or not.

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