Episode 1: I’m Still Vegan Because Of This Cupcake Recipe

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HOW TO BAKE VEGAN ONE BOWL CUPCAKES Go here for the recipe in US metrics/Grams:
This recipe is great for:
1. Parents who have no time to bake for damn birthday parties that kids are even going to remember. Sally you’re 2 years old. No-one cares. My dog remembers more.
2. Millennial’s who just want to snack without leaving the house cause Netflix has a new season of Brooklyn nine-nine so I ain’t going nowhere.
3. Home Bakers who just want their cupcakes to turn out without having to schedule an intervention with their oven.

If you bake this recipe please share in the comments below and subscribe to my channel.

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13 thoughts on “Episode 1: I’m Still Vegan Because Of This Cupcake Recipe

  1. can’t wait to try these. you explain the why’s and why nots. just wish you did conversion for all us across the pond–thank you

    1. +manjariswarupa you want to keep the batter really light by keeping as much air in the batter as possible. If you use a hand mixer you loose some of this air.

    2. thank u!! can i also ask it would be big difference if i would mix it with hand mikser? i so many bakers are not using it for dough and i just would like to know why;)

  2. Nice, I’ll try all your stuff! I like that you’re using ‘normal’ ingredients like sugar (no coconutsugar or dates or things people assume to be healthy…) and things I can easily buy or make myself (no store bought no-egg).

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