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Here is a smoothie recipe with green fruit and vegetables. I make this smoothie all the time and wanted to share it. The 4 main ingredients are green apple, cucumber, spinach and pear. I also add kelp and hemp seeds for added nutrition. It’s a really easy smoothie recipe to follow and you can add and substitute ingredients to your specific preference. I think it’s a really healthy smoothie choice: it’s sweetened with apple juice and I use almond milk instead of dairy so this smoothie is vegan too 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Easy Green Smoothie Recipe | Vegan Drink

  1. this is very great shake. i put a spirulina for extra vitamin nutrient.
    maybe the kelp does the same? i like to make breakfast shake too but
    sometimes i feel like fruit or green, but sometime i feel like chocolate
    type you know?
    i made one breakfast like this the other day – coffee, almond milk, soy
    milk, carob chip, rolled oat, almond, flax seed, vanila bean, stevia. i
    just throw everything i can in there lol. just to be safe! lol. it was very
    nice. maybe next time i get a hemp and put it in there too, i have not
    tried it yet! :D

    1. +Pradeep Patel that shake you made sounds really good, I love the fact that
      you put coffee in it: I am going to try it out myself! Thank you for
      sharing 🙂

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