Easy 4 Ingredient Pre-Workout Energizer Drink (Organic Vegan Superfoods)

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Want to know what I drink to boost my energy before (and during) my workouts? It’s easy peasy. Just 4 key superfood ingredients and it’s blast-off time! Check out this sublimely simple blend of alkaline water, Sunwarrior Liquid Vitamin Mineral Rush, NRG Matrix, Longevity Power Maca Bliss and Sunwarrior Ormus Supergreens. Totally vegan, organic, plant-based and alkaline. Or, in other words, superhero fuel!!!


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5 thoughts on “Easy 4 Ingredient Pre-Workout Energizer Drink (Organic Vegan Superfoods)

  1. I like you, you’re funny. But a recipe just of expensive branded products
    seems like an odd recipe. How about a more natural one? Or an unbranded
    one? A more general one? You were even advertising the plastic bottle
    brand, come on man. It’s like a commercial!

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